Monday, August 18, 2008

I want, I want, I WANT!!

Tonight we have our store meeting, where the owners will show us all of the goodies (meaning paper, stickers, embellishments, etc.) that they ordered at the recent craft show in Chicago. It's a tricky situation for them because it's quite likely that there will be merchandise that WE WANT that they DIDN'T order. And, it's also probable that they will have ordered a whole load of crap that we don't like. *hahaha* How do I know? It happens every year. ;) The only real solution to this problem is to just take us along WITH THEM so we can personally tell them what to order and what to pass on...but that would lead to complete and utter chaos (beyond the chaos that I imagine already ensues) and will never ever ever happen.

I told Kathy before this last show that I had a tip for her: If it's cute, order it! If it's not cute, DON'T order it! Voila! Problem solved!!! She laughed and said, "Oh, ok, I'll just flip everything over and look for the label!"

Really, I don't envy their position. I know if I owned my own store, it would be extremely 1-dimensional with nothing but super-cutsie daisies and glitter and hearts and bunnies. Yes, bunnies. :) *getting excited just IMAGINING such a place of wonder!!* But I realize there is room for variety because not everyone needs to be surrounded by a neon rainbow of happiness, as I do. Clearly, I do. :P There is room for distressed and rugged and vintage and grey....BASIC grey. But sometimes I do take it as a personal slap in the face that they would purposely NOT order something that I deem so worthy. Not just forget to order it...but CHOOSE not to!

For instance, Sassafrass Lass has a darling paper line where each paper has an attached border that you can cut off and use. Brilliant! And I loooooved last season's collection and I've seen pictures of the new stuff and it looks absolutely adorable as well! But, alas, I already happen to know (because I asked *haha*) that they DID NOT order this paper. Grrrrrr. Whad-am-I supposed to do? Shop SOMEWHERE ELSE?!?!? *gasp*

So tonight, if you think you hear roars of protest coming from East Kellogg amidst the construction jungle, it is in fact the crew of Scrapbook Garden telling Bob and Kathy (very gently) that they missed the mark. :)


~Samantha said...

LOL I love your post :)

I think after my meeting tonight I am going to run by and just look...and perhaps do some economy boosting, I mean I have an hour and half to kill before the meeting...and even though I live right by campus it doesn't make sense to to ALL the way back to my apartment since it's out of the way...(It's a block North and Joanne's and Scrapbook Garden are most definitley south)

See ya later tonight!

Michelle said...

Does Bob have the video link up for me yet????