Sunday, August 10, 2008

ME? Start a BLOG? Ok! :)

Well here I am in blog-land! I didn't think I really needed a blog, considering I already spend way too much time on Facebook. But it's been suggested by several people that I start one, and apparently I'm extremely susceptible to peer pressure because here I am! ;) This could be fun, though, because here I can post Scrapbook pages I've done and rant & rave beyond the barriers that Facebook has restrained me with. SARAH UNLEASHED? Scary, I know! :)

With everything there is to consider when putting your heart and soul out on the Internet for everyone to see, you might be surprised that I was MOST concerned with what I would CALL this silly blog, since all the ones I've seen have cute, catchy little names. I spent a great deal of time fretting about this. The title I've ended up with is a quote from "Finding Neverland" which I use quite frequently. I went with it because, in the end, I don't foresee anything I wish to post here being much more than, well, silliness! :)

Before I had even CONSIDERED starting my own blog, I have been "blog-stalking" two gals that I think do a particularly nice job. Kelly Purkey is a scrapper I found on 2P's. She does really cute pages and after delving further into her blog it seems we have much in common (well, from music tastes to love of cupcakes. Does that count for MUCH in common? *haha*). Then I blog-hopped from her page and found Sarah Champion. I am intrigued by her casual writing style and the fact that she is about to move to New York City. Exciting, no? Plus, she has loved Newsies since childhood, as have I, so therefore we must be soul-sisters. :)

My point? I would love for my blog to be even HALF as entertaining as theirs...even if to no one else but ME! So stay tuned if you's sure to be pretty random, pretty silly, and pretty much ME!


a chick named Toni... said...

Sarah! I am so glad you are here! I am so excited to read your posts! You are such a fun, witty chickie!

Michelle said...

Yay!!! Sarah has joined the party!

Michelle said...

And hey! I could bust a move like I did in the aisle that day when I didn't realize the customer was at the other end watching! Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-whoa-oh-oh-oh-the right stuff!

~Samantha said...

I like your blog name, you did a good job :) now...what about a band name? BTW Target has KI stuff on sale I think that was the line you liked but I still have a hard time keeping them all straight.

Michelle said...

Or she could just find reasons to go to a certain someone's house and use THEIR Cricut! And Mark and I agreed that Pierce Brosnan is lacking a tad in the vocal dept!

the whoo-hoo song was on the radio a little bit ago. I tried to sing the whoo-hoos loud enough for you to hear me!

Michelle said...

You can't listen to Bob anymore??? What does Bob have against Bob???