Thursday, August 28, 2008

Smashin' Fashion

Does anyone else watch Project Runway? I LOVE this show! I, who can't even sew a button on properly without trying three times, am obsessed with this show that is 95% watching people construct garmets to send down the runway. It is beyond fascinating to me. Not only do they work under crazy time restrictions (usually 12 hrs or so) but they're usually given some kind of difficult fabric to work with. Or something that's not even fabric at all. They've had to make fashion from grocery store purchases, candy products (including the wrappers, thank goodness or that would have been a melty mess!) and last night, the nuttiest one yet, car parts. Yes, they had to use things like seatbelts, floor mats, seat covers, air filters, etc...and make something WEARABLE out of them! It blew my mind. And what's even more amazing is that most of the stuff didn't look half-bad!!

This coat was made entirely from seatbelts woven together. Isn't it gorgeous? It looks like some kind of incredibly expensive fabric. I felt sorry for the model, though. They said it was incredibly heavy to wear. Bet she was wishing she ate Wheaties instead of air for breakfast. ;)

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