Monday, September 1, 2008

Lucky You! It's The Sweet Life!

I took advantage of the beautiful cool weather this morning and had a "photo-shoot" with some new products I got in the mail on Saturday. (I tried it indoors but I kept getting a glare from the ceiling lights.)

These are both the lines from Colorbok that I mentioned in an earlier post. (You know, the stuff I was told looked like it came from the dollar store.) Well, I decided to take a risk anyway and order it from 2P's. This is the first time I've ordered scrapbook supplies online. It was an exhilarating experience!!! :) I'd best be careful or it become addictive. *haha*

This is "The Sweet Life" line. It's all about candy and cupcakes and cherries. I knew it would be cute but it is BEYOND adorable. I absolutely love it. One of my favorite pieces is that one on top that says "Good Times Always." It's HUGE! It's got to be at least 5X5. It's going to be so fun to use on a page. Actually, all of the chipboard was much larger than I'd expected. There are also some really cute die cut words that say "Love" and "Family" in swirly, cutesie fonts. I'm in love with this set. :)

This is the set I initially fell in love with and the whole reason I decided to place an order. I felt I needed this RIGHT AWAY in order to continue my book "About Me." ;) Some of the chipboard shapes are a little out there (like the heart with wings...not sure what I'll do with that one) but I really like everything else. It's all doodled and funky. My favorite is the pad of journaling sheets. They're perfect for a few pages I have in mind. CAN'T WAIT! *woohoo*

Cubby dropped by during the photo shoot a couple of times to check on my progress. He likes to be involved whenever possible. :) He likes the "Lucky You" line the best I think.

Enjoy your Labor Day!


Michelle said...

Cubby's letting you know he wants to do his own book about me! It's all cute stuff! is the place I like to order online from.

a chick named Toni... said...

Cool Sarah! Do you get a monthly kit from them?

Hey I hope you are feeling better. I was sorry to hear you were under the weather. The weather was so gloomy and yucky it was a good day to just go to bed!