Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday randomness

I'm pleased to report to those of you who were keeping tabs on me, that I'm feeling much better! I think I ate some bad chicken (or I guess it could have been the mac&cheese) from Dillon's deli on Friday night and it pretty much wiped me out for the weekend. I was EMPTY, if you know what I mean, by Sunday morning. *ewww* I felt well enough to make it to work yesterday afternoon, but by day's end I was really weak. But this morning finds me eating cereal and feeling pretty perky! Hooray! :)

On Saturday I spent quite a bit of time on the computer since the office is in such close proximity to the bathroom. This was convenient for reasons that have probably become obvious by now. Anyways, here are some of my favorite finds! I found this at Urban Outfitters. It's a metal sign, about 11x17 and I think it would be AWESOME in my living room with my new NYC skyline picture! Yes? Yes! They also have Coney Island and Greenwich Village subway signs...but good ol' Brooklyn has the most color! :)

I WANT THIS. I can't believe no one thought of this sooner. It's a BUBBLE WRAP CALENDAR, folks!! There's a bubble to pop for each day of the year. Pure genius. I'm seriously gonna order one.

Kelly Purkey is in this month's Creating Keepsakes showing her cute little scrapbook nook. She also lists some of her favorite websites for inspiration. I'm always in need of ideas so I checked them out. The neatest one, I think, is Print & Pattern. It focuses on "the world of surface pattern design" and it's just dazzling to look through!

I like these:

And these:

Oh, and this:

I could go on and on! But I find two things frustrating about this place. 1. The website is based in the UK so most of the products are only available there. Grrrr. 2. Very few of the patterns are on scrapbook paper!!! So many pretties and nothing for me to scrapbook with! I realize miss Perkey is using this website for color combination inspiration...but I guess I'm too amateur. I want the product ITSELF to play with! :)


~Samantha said...

PaperChase is a company with similar products based in the UK but they've started selling in Borders. It makes me very very happy! I just wish they would open a paperchase store because then I would be even happier, and I could work there for the amazing discount!

Living Each Day as a Gift said...

You make me laugh. The bubble-wrap calendar, that's just hilarious. And all the colors! I like colors, don't get me wrong, but wow. It's like a rainbow exploded in your house. And that's a compliment (I hope you don't take offense), the pics I've seen look great. It's just, well, definitely different than our deco. Fun times :-)