Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cutest Blog on the Block!

While blog-hopping today I found this neato website that has FREE (you heard me, FREE!) blog backgrounds! I uploaded this one and am super excited. They had a whole bunch that looked like scrapbook backgrounds....even some that looked glittery! *squeal* Don't be surprised if my blog has a new background every week. Or more. ;)

I am LOVING this weather! It reminds me of the mountains. Coolness in the air, gray skies...*sigh* I took the dogs for a walk last night before the rain rolled in and even wore a JACKET! Fall is coming, Hallelujah! I know cloudy days depress some people, and if that's you I'm sorry. But I adore them. Always have. My Mom and sister are the same way...maybe it's hereditary? All the same, we wait impatiently for Fall and the so-called "gloominess" that comes with it. I love that God created seasons. There is always something to look forward to in His beautiful world!


Deane Brown said...

I Love these kind of days...Lala lalalala lala lalalala......All the leaves are brown...and the skies are gray....Makes me want to pull out the Mamas and the Papas and sing my heart out! Yep you gotta love these gray, cloudy, overcast, dreary,wonderful,happy, "great to be alive weather" kind of days!

Michelle said...

I wish we were having days like that! It's HOT and MUGGY here. They said we're getting some of the "tropical air from Gustav". Better than the hurricane but I'm ready for cool weather and open windows!

Oh, and Sarah, it probably won't surprise you that I like the Mamas and the Papas too! ;-)