Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cubby, clipped and cleaned up

Before we kenneled the dogs over the weekend, I took Cubby to PetsMart for a light grooming. He didn't need much, just the fur around his ears and his tail trimmed up. (He also had fur sprouting from between his toes, which needed to be taken care of.) They did a wonderful job...didn't shave him down as I was afraid they would. *haha* In fact, the cut's so subtle you can hardly tell the difference. But isn't that what they say marks a good haircut? :)
He did really well, but you could tell he was pretty nervous to be a solo-dog. This was the first time I've taken him anywhere without one of the other two, so I know he had to be wondering what the heck was going on. When I picked him up he was fluffy soft and sporting the iconic Petsmart bandanna. That was the afternoon I was crashing hard with the sickies, so I was glad to have him all clean and sweet for cuddling purposes. :)



(This last picture makes me laugh. His head looks HUGE!)


Nikki said...

so cute. My dog would never sit for grooming. I am jealous.

Jen Peters said...

Adorable! What's his name?