Saturday, April 25, 2009

I got ma hair did!

Well I finally did it. After blogging about it ages ago, I just finally went and had my hair done today. Good grief, right? What took me so long? I dunno...just dragging my feet I guess. I did have my Mom trim it for me like a month ago since it had gotten so ridiculously long and stringy. But I did still want some shape and color.

My new friend at work, Anne, went to a new hair stylist not long ago and was very happy with her cut and color. I liked how it turned out too, so I decided to make an appointment with her. I went today after I got off from work. My appointment lasted from 1:00 - 4:30!! Why? Cause I have a ton of hair - it's really thick and dense. It always takes a long time for anyone to do anything with it. And I wanted the color to look really natural all the way through, not just highlights or thick chunks. She kept saying, "Wow you have a lot of hair!" Poor thing, I would hate to work on this mop. 

But she did a great job! I LOVE the color!! It's exactly what I wanted. Looks sunkissed and fresh...not too blonde, not too dark. I'm still deciding about the cut. First of all, I asked for a "sideswept bang" because lot's of my friends have that and I think it looks so cute. Plus I thought it would shake up my look a bit. Well I HATE it. *sigh* They fall right in my eyes. I don't know if it's just the wrong length or what, but I'm regretting asking for them. And then she styled it all cute and curly, quite glamorous actually. But I know I will hardly ever (if at all) mess with that. So I'm still curious to see what the cut will look like when I style it myself. We shall see!

I took these pictures when I got home this evening (after a run to Wal-Mart...the curls have died down a lot here). Notice I'm STILL in my scrubs. (And also notice how well they match my walls!) *haha* 
The color actually looks a little lighter than this in person. 

The back (Wrigley thought it smelled good. *hehe*)

What my bangs kept doin'. Drives me NUTS! Maybe I need better hairspray?

And here's what my hair looks like right now as I'm chillin':
Ahhh...what a relief to have the hair outta my eyes!

Side view (sorry, forgot to do that while it was styled).


Michelle said...

Very cute 'do!!! And I hear you about the "lotta hair" thing. Mine is thick but fine so it doesn't look that bad until they get in there to start cutting and then I hear the mumbling start! LOL

But you look gorgeous as usual!

etta said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love the new 'do!

chrisandginny said...

even with your bangs pinned up, you are still stinking adorable :)

kilax said...

I love it! You look great! It's very fresh and modern!

Are those movies or books behind you in the last two pics? I love to see a full bookcase!

Monica said...

Cute, I like! And the bangs look cute pulled back too. Or if you really want the sideswept bangs look and don't want them in your eyes, just have someone cut them shorter. That's how mine are and I really like it, it's easy. Just be sure they're cut at an angle, not straight across, so they kind of taper away from your face/forehead. Just a thought. Very cute though, and the color is fun and incredibly natural.

Kimpossible said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!! VERY CUTE!!

Camevil said...

The color looks good. REALLY good. So natural and bright.

I do like the cut, and know what you mean about side-swept bangs. I got those once and ended up using bobbie pins all the time. I finally had my stylist shorten the bangs and it worked much better. On you, tho, I like the longish bangs. Maybe lose another 1/2 inch or so?

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Love your new hair style! It totally suits you! You look HOT!!!!!
I love that your pup made a cameo too! :)

a chick named Toni... said...

Very cute Sarah! But you would look cute with any style!