Thursday, April 23, 2009


A whole week without a post?!? Wow, my life has really changed in the last month, hasn't it? I'm sorry to disappear on y'all like that. But to be honest, I didn't even REALIZE that an entire week had passed already! I am so busy! Did you know that I'm working 45-48 hours a week? What a switch from my old 27-35hrs a week I pulled at Scrapbook Garden! (And what a TOTAL opposite of being unemployed!? *haha*) 

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all! I am still enjoying my job. It's very fulfilling and I love it! I'm really getting the swing of things and feel confident in my position. (And have I mentioned the puppies? I love puppies. *hehe* There is a particular black and white Papillion puppy that I would totally dog-nap if I wasn't the nice person I am. She is the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life! I tried to find a picture online that looked like her so I could show you, but no other Papillon puppy is quite as cute. Wow, I digress....) But man, I am having trouble getting everything in my life balanced out. I feel so good if I just get laundry caught up from week to week. Thursdays (today) we are open from 7:30am to 7:00pm...and while that's technically only an hour longer than the other days, it feels like forever! By the time I get home (which can be as late as 7:45) I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. So that's what I'm doing tonight...although technically blogging isn't nothing. :) 

I have a confession to make. It's shameful, but you should all know since you've been so supportive to me. I have been SERIOUSLY slacking on my exercising. Beyond seriously. It's so hard for me to get myself to the gym after work. I am so gal-darned pooped! And there ain't no way I'm gonna get up and go before work. (Holy cow, I'd have to get up at 4:00am or earlier! Not happening. I have a hard enough time getting up when I do now!) 

And while I've gotten my eating back under control (I fell way off the train from my Birthday through Easter), I'm still up 5lbs. *pout* I feel fatter than that, though. I was actually pretty relieved when I got on the scale and saw that the number wasn't as high as I expected. But I could show you exactly where those 5 pounds are sittin'. *haha* So sad. I can also tell I've lost muscle tone. How do these negative results happen so quickly, when the positive ones take SO LONG? It's been just one month. No fair. But I am determined to reign myself back in. I've made it to the gym twice this week and on the other days I've walked the dogs. That's at least a start.

One thing that is helping renew my motivation is a little trip Jeremy and I are planning for the end of May. Our clinic will be closed May 23 - May 25 so we're going to take advantage of that and go to Schlitterbahn! Our anniversary is on the 22nd, so it'll be fun to get outta town and celebrate. We've never been to Schlitterbahn (came close once but had to cancel the trip) and we've always wanted to!

But, um, for those who didn't click the link, Schlitterbahn is a WATER PARK. Which would require, naturally, a swimming suit. *eek* No no no...the horror. What am I thinking?!? I know once I get there I'll get caught up in the fun of slipping and sliding (or at least be able to remind myself that we're hundreds of miles from home and I'll never see any of these people again so why does it matter what they think of how I look?) but for right now, the thought of going in a dressing room with those little pieces of stretchy fabric is NOT fun. Especially because I'm ghostly pale (my coworker caught a glimpse of my ankle the other day and asked if I was wearing stockings under my pants. *haha* No, that's me!) I know I'll just glow like a blinkin' beacon! (Yukon Cornelius, anyone?) 

So I'm focused on undoing as much of this damage that I've accumulated as possible in the next month. As frustrated as I am, at least I know what works and what to do, right? I was doing so well before, I just need to find that focus again. Better get that swimsuit and hang it around my NECK every day. ;) Wish me luck!!! 


etta said...

I want to go on your trip with you!! I definitely understand about balancing things out in your life. My apartment hasn't been REALLY clean since I started working full-time. I, too, am a total exercise slacker. I have been working my tail off, though, and when I stepped on the scale the other day (fully-clothed) the number was lower!

Camevil said...

Wow, that's a crazy work shift. Glad the puppies are getting you through. And you have more willpower than me 'cuz I would have snatched that pooch.

Waterpark for anniversary vaycay? You are brave and ambitious. I LOVE the idea. That should be a motivator, huh?

Good to see you're still breathing!

Dancing Sweet Pea said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear you're doing well! We missed you!

Monica said...

Four words. Tan in a bottle. I think my sis uses something called Revlon sublime glow and it looks super natural. I have some loreal that isn't half bad, either.

kilax said...

It's hard to adjust to a new schedule! You will figure it out soon, and get back to exercise! Would you be more likely to go to the gym if you already had the bag in the car... or changed into your gym clothes at work?