Monday, December 29, 2008

So in love...

I have a couple quick stories to share just because I LOVE my husband and recently have been even more aware than usual just how blessed I am to have such a sweet guy in my life.

We went to see "Marley & Me" yesterday afternoon. Why I do not know, because I knew going in that it had a sad ending, because everyone who has read the book already told me so. And because let's face's a dog movie! ALL dog movies are sad!! I wanted to see it anyway and it turned out to be a very cute little family movie. But DANG! I had trouble holding it together. And everytime I thought I'd gotten control of myself - BAM! They'd hit ya harder!! Part of me thinks they constructed it that way on purpose, just trying to milk as many tears from the audience as possible. But then again it's a true story, and it wasn't completely unrealistic either. At one point I gasped, "GOOD GRIEF!" into my kleen-ex because I couldn't believe how emotional I was getting. My family will find this hard to believe because I have the staunch reputation of being the least emotional person in my family...but I REEEEEALLY cried in this one. *haha*

I looked at the lady on my left...not a bit of wetness in or around her eyes. She didn't even look sad! What kinda of stone-hearted cat-lover doesn't cry in this movie? ;) Then I looked over at Jeremy...and much to my surprise and joy, he was crying!!! *awww* Not sobbing like his ridiculous wife, but his eyes were quite misty and I think I even spotted a tear-trail running down his cheek.  It was so sweet, I fell a little more in love with him right then and there. 

Afterwards we were laughing about what saps we were and he jokingly said, "Kinda makes you wanna go home and love on the doggies doesn't it?" I laughed like, "Yeah it sure does!" but then he said, "No seriously...let's go home." I never in a million years would have thought that this man, who never had a dog growing up or gave 2 cents about having one of his own, would ever come to love these little furballs as much as I do. It's SO cute!! And completely endearing. I love him so much! 

Then a couple weeks ago we were walking around Wal-Mart, completely cracking each other up with random (and terrible) TV character impersonations. It was just one of those moments when we were both in equally crazy-silly moods and couldn't stop laughing. Everyone around us probably thought we were drunk or high, but frighteningly enough we were acting this way completely sober!

In the produce department we began hopping from black tile to black know, like a four year old would do. And this little girl that was nearby, who was probably around 8 or 9, stared at us in the most disparaging way and said to her sister. "LOOK at those 20-year olds....playing around like they were kids or something!" I died laughing.  For one thing...20-YEAR OLDS? Wow kid, thanks for the compliment. *hehe* And secondly, I'm just SO grateful to be married to someone as goofy as me. Not only doesn't he judge me for being silly, he JOINS me. We have so much fun together. 

Sorry to get sappy on y'all. I know this blog's title isn't "Just a Bit of Sappiness, Really." *hehe* I'll come back next time with another NYC post, I promise!

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a chick named Toni... said...

Very sweet. You have to love moments like those. I remember when Mike was in the hospital in April all of those kinds of moments were flooding back into my mind. There is nothing in this world like being in love...especially with your spouse! :)