Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feelin' Fine in the O-9!

Happy New Year everybody!!! We had a very low-key New Year's Eve this year. (It must be pretty low-key...I'm writing about it in past-tense and the clock hasn't even struck 12 here yet!)  Originally we thought we might get together with my family, but everybody and their baby (literally) is sick! So that wass a no-go. Then we thought we might go celebrate with some friends, but Jeremy had to work (at 10:30)  and the get-together wasn't starting till 8-ish, so we opted to just stay home. 

We relaxed in our jammies, ate cheese, crackers and made a small dent in the biggest Hillshire Farms beef log you've ever seen (way too big for two people...anyone want some leftovers? *hehe*) and watched DVD's till it was time for him to leave. Then we toasted to the New Year early with the sparkling red grape juice that I had to search SIX different stores for earlier today.

Now I'm channel surfing between the ridiculous variety of New Years Eve countdown shows. I've stayed mainly on ABC even though I was really disturbed by Dick Clark's appearance earlier. Did anyone else see this?  I understand that he's been on the show for a really long time and he's kind of a sentimental New Year's Eve tradition...but isn't seeing him like that more depressing than anything? Maybe I'm out of line here, but I found it really sad. 

Earlier today I took MoJo and Cubby to Petsmart for some good, clean fun (aka: Grooming) Cubby was looking pretty scraggly and since I was taking him for a trim anyway, I decided to bring MoJo along for a bath and a thorough brushing. Wrigley doesn't really need trimmed or brushed and I can bathe him pretty easily, so he didn't get the privilege of going along. Yes, I'm sure he was crushed.  Well I don't know if it's the brushing or if they just have some really great shampoo but I LOVE how soft and fluffy they feel now! And not to mention how lovely they smell. Wish I was made of money so I could indulge in having them "pampered" every couple of weeks. :)

When the three were reunited I decided it was a good time for some photos. Here are some of my favorites!
A New Year's Kiss!! :)

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