Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photo Parade

I felt terrible when I noticed that I've only blogged ONCE in the entire month of July. What is wrong with me? Well, I'm fading fast this evening but here's a cheap  substitute for a post...

Random photos from recent life. :)

My nephew Jack. Does he have an angel's face or what?

My niece Olivia, decked out for the Fourth of July.

Like the new dog bed? It's a "Fatboy" beanbag bed. They're made out of super durable material that can be wiped-clean easily. And of course I loved the color. I got it at this cute little store called "Uptown Paws."

Wriggie Jiggies

Rub Cubby's belly for good luck!

MoJo enjoying the new dog bed.

The sweetest little girl on earth...and her proud Auntie Sarah.

My sister Lauren and I with our Dad on Father's Day.

My Mom, sis and I on a girl's night out

My hubby Jeremy and I chillin' with a tiger at the zoo.

Me at my home-away-from-home, Village Animal Hospital! This is where I sit for about 75% of my waking hours. *haha*

An amazing cupcake (they called them Babycakes) I enjoyed at this cute little place called Sugar Sisters.

Meet my new obsession: sparkly bangle bracelets. 

My buddy Anne and I, enjoying BLUE Coconut snowcones in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Jeremy and I at our first fondue restaurant, The Melting Pot. (Jeremy doesn't look scared at all, does he?)

New hair do. The bangs SEEMED like a good idea. But I despise them now. 


Kimpossible said...

Well, personally I LOVE the bangs! Your just gorgeous darling!! *LOL* Dont you just LOVE Sugar Sisters. We drove by there a lot when they were building it and Dylan could not wait for it to open! He says they have the BEST cupcakes EVER!

It was so good to see you the other day!

Take Care!

Heather Rose said...

Listen. Living/documenting life go hand in hand. Living, however happens to be the more important of the two. So, no worries.

I like the bangs a lot. They look good!

a chick named Toni... said...

Hey Cutie Patootie! How the heck have you been? You look so darn cute in your new doooo! Your sweet little niece and nephew have sure been growing like weeds! Can I just say that your mother looks like she could be your sister? She is a very beautiful lady...you can tell her I said so too!
I miss seeing you! We need to get together sometime!

sarah said...

i think the bangs look great!!!

glad to have you blogging and posting! missed your posts... and i'm so jealous that you work in an animal hospital. i would go nutso over all of the cuteness that comes in!


Derek Bowles said...

Is that a Klee Kai?

Sarah :) said...

Yes, MoJo is an Alaskan Klee Kai! :)

Derek Bowles said...
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